Mighty Purse merges both fashion and technology


mighty-purseThere is nothing quite like convergence technology falling into place together, as it brings together the conventional with the future. Case in point, the £84.99 Mighty Purse that would arrive in three shades to suit your fashion taste, Almond Brown, Black Shimmer and Gold Shimmer. The Mighty Purse has been described to be the “ultimate fusion of fashion and technology”, where it would be able to juice up your ever power hungry smartphone on the move without looking as though it was out of place, and will be compatible with all smartphones which hook up via micro USB as well as iPhones.

After all, most of us tend to carry smartphones with us these days, and as we all jolly well know, these smartphones might be big on features. Unfortunately, when it comes to their battery life, smartphones tend to disappoint as they are not exactly the longest lasting devices in the market. Having a portable charger could prove to be rather bulky, so why not merge it with something that you bring with you everywhere you go instead? That would make life a whole lot easier, don’t you think so? The integrated high-capacity battery is said to hold enough juice to recharge your smartphone by up to 2 times, while there is an internal 4-LED indicator that tells you just how much more juice it has left.

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