The ChairMaster will let you lounge around and lose weight


Living a sedentary lifestyle does not lead you to feeling better about yourself. Your circulation isn’t great, when you do have to get up and active, it’s really difficult, and the thought of becoming more active is a chore in and of itself. Normally finding a gym buddy and an activity tracker or food diary app will get you well on your way, but some prefer to get equipment.

Many people don’t want to go out into public and exercise as you have to deal with other people seeing your jiggling form. Everyone has some measure of fat on their bodies, but some are more self-conscious about it than others. Usually an elliptical is the best way to go as it’s low-impact, and doesn’t make a lot of noise. However, not everyone can go from sitting more often than not to standing and exerting themselves. If this is the case, then something like the ChairMaster might be useful.

This is a comfy reclining chair that hides a exercise bike underneath it. There are resistance bands to help your arms and legs, and the ability to lay back will help you with different work outs. This is a $,1,400 chair that is mainly aimed at seniors, but anyone who works and lives a mainly sedentary lifestyle may need something like this as a stepping stone to move up and out to a gym. You can choose brown or black coverings, and there are all sorts of accessories that you can tack on as well.

Available at Chairmaster, found via geekologie

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