Nest Protect may be the only smoke alarm that doesn’t annoy you


It’s time to make dinner, and just as you’re searing the salmon, the smoke alarm starts to panic. If there’s smoke, then that must mean fire, which means everyone should leave, right? Of course, while we hope our smoke alarm never has real cause to go off, it goes off a bit more often than we’d like. Crying wolf one too many times has us taking it down, or removing the batteries because it wants to chirp or blink constantly.

Of course, we definitely need them around if we want to have any kind of warning apart from our sense of smell for smoke. However, we would likely be happier to have them around if they were more helpful than annoying. The people who brought us the Nest Thermostat, are now bringing out Nest Protect. This Smoke and CO detector is much more direct, and knows when it’s not such a big deal that you burned the popcorn.

This is a little box that will give you warnings in a human voice as to what’s going on in your house. If you have multiple, it can tell you which room has smoke or carbon monoxide in it. There is an LED ring that will change color according to the situation you face. Green for when all is right with the world, yellow for when it wants to warn you of a potential hazard, in which a voice will tell you what’s going on, and red light paired with an alarm that means you need to get out right away. When it’s in its yellow stage, you can wave a hand at it, and it will shut off.

It will check its batteries every night after you turn off the light, and flash green for a brief moment to let you know that it’s still working. If its battery is starting to run low, or there’s a problem, it will glow yellow, and send you a text. There’s a motion sensor light that will act as a nightlight whenever you walk under it, though it can be turned off. This can be toggled through the app that corresponds with this device, which is also where you can view the current status of the smoke alarm.

Available for preorder on Nest, found via thegreenhead

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