Authentic Baseball Glove Leather Chair wraps its “fingers” around you


baseball-glove-chairBaseball is one of the great American past times, and it definitely has its fair share of fans who would go the extra mile – nay, make it two more miles, to ensure that whatever they have and do will always be connected to the world of baseball. If you are feeling rather flush around the pockets, how about settling for the $6,200 Authentic Baseball Glove Leather Chair? It would definitely be something to think about, considering the price tag and all, but you can be sure that it will end up as the centerpiece of your living room and is a surefire conversation starter, no doubt about that.

The Authentic Baseball Glove Leather Chair is made by the folks over at Rawlings, where this is the one chair that has been crafted in the form of a gargantuan baseball glove, and not only that, to make sure that the authenticity level is upheld, it will come upholstered entirely with the same exceptional leather that is used to make the mitts used by professional ballplayers. The leather for this chair has been selected from the top 5% of steer hides in the Midwestern U.S., and with 125 years of experience making quality sporting goods by Rawlings, you know that your rear end is in good hands – literally. 34 aluminum grommets and 30′ of leather lacing wound through the “fingers” ensure that this is a stable and firm chair to relax and of course, for you to watch your favorite baseball team in action!

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