Iron Man ArtFX Statue does more than just stand pretty on your desk


iron-man-artfxIron Man is one superhero who is nothing but flesh and bone underneath that high tech suit, but he is also one of the coolest thanks to the brilliant mind of Tony Stark hiding behind the mask. Well, here we are with the $129.99 Iron Man ArtFX Statue that would arrive in the form of an extremely detailed Mark XLII armor, sporting LED lighting in the Arc Reactor/Unibeam, eyes, and repulsor areas. Of course, it goes without saying that this is an officially licensed Marvel collectible, so do not fret and wonder whether you are handing over good money for a bootlegged product.

Since it is the Mark XLII that we are talking about, it would make perfect sense (some might even call it, paying homage) that you would piece this particular Iron Man together from separate pieces. If you do not have any experience at all when it comes to building models, fret not, since it will not require such a skill set in the first place, and neither does it require you to implant computer chips into your forearms. All in all, there are just half a dozen pieces which have been pre-painted, and they would snap together in a rather satisfying manner. Hence, this is a “statue” and not a “model,” although you can be sure that it does straddle the lines on both territories at once. A trio of LR44 batteries are required to juice this puppy to have it looking nice on your mantel.

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