100′ Range Foam Dart Blaster for the inner sniper in you


foam-dart-blasterHave you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be part of the army? Sure, in the world of video games, the sniper position is more or less heralded to be at the top of the food chain because more often than not, an unerring sense of accuracy trumps most of the other qualities required, but as we all know very well, the modern day battlefield is no “one man show”. Everyone out there has a part to play in the success of a critical mission, but just in case you are still adamant on being the sniper of the group, here is the $79.95 100′ Range Foam Dart Blaster for you to consider getting.

This particular 100′ Range Foam Dart Blaster, as its name suggests, is capable of shooting harmless foam darts from a distance of up to 100′ away. You will be able to pull Its bolt back smoothly in order to load a 4″-long x 1″ diam. blunt-headed dart into the chamber directly from a six-round magazine which is clipped into the undercarriage. A single squeeze of the trigger will fire the dart thanks to a powerful spring, delivering minimum “dart drop” downrange to boot. There is also a bipod that unfolds from the barrel so that it can secure the rifle whenever the need for precise aim arises. This is an interesting method of figuring out whether your little one has a penchant for shooting with accuracy, of course, in a safe and controlled manner.

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