Tikker watch tells you how much time left you have on your clock

tikkerNow this is an interesting question to consider – would you prefer to know just how many days you have left to spend on earth, or you prefer to be not in the know, so that you are able to make the most out of each day instead? I would fall under the latter category, but if you are a meticulous planner who also wants to plan for your eventual demise, then you might want to check out this particularly interesting Kickstarter project that is known as the Tikker watch. This Tikker watch is supposed to be the first self-contained atomic clock watch in the world.

The Tikker watch does not have any kind of fancy designs in the first place, but before you are able to wear it, you will need to answer a simple questionnaire, before subtracting your current age from the results. After doing so, you will have to set the clock to count down the rest of your life. Apart from that, it will also be able to keep track of local time, although it goes without saying that the death countdown would be the “main attraction” here. Right now, the Tikker watch is going for a $39 pledge, where it will arrive in a shade of black that is also what the grim reaper wears. If you prefer a custom color, then be prepared to pony up a $1,000 pledge.