Sholdit Scarf is the keeper of secrets


There are days when you find yourself without a suitable pocket in which you can put your keys, cards, cash, and phone. Nowadays, those are the only real ‘essentials’ we need to tote around. However, you don’t always want to carry a bag with you in place of your pockets, as they can quickly become quite cumbersome. For ladies, we have the go-to of jamming things in our bra (it seriously is another pocket), but that can become pretty uncomfortable after a while, and doesn’t always look that inconspicuous.

If you’re wanting to stay fashionable without having to lug around an entire bag or purse, then there may an option for you yet. It has been named the Sholdit Scarf, and it is both clever and cute. This infinity scarf will allow you a bag that won’t be recognizable by anyone but you.

Obviously, this is aimed at women from the photos they have provided for this product, but that shouldn’t deter gents who like to be trendy on occasion. There are black, cranberry, eggplant, and titanium color options to choose from, and they’ll cost you about $50 a piece. This would be great for travel so you have less to carry onto the plane, and no one will be terribly tempted to snatch a scarf. Possibly the most important factor is whether or not it’s soft, as it will be wrapped around you when you wear it. I don’t know enough about materials to make a valid claim for polyester with spandex, but I am a tad skeptical.

Available via Magellan’s, found via bookofjoe

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