Foldylock keeps an eye on your bike when you’re away

Many people who used to take a car or bus into work are starting to find that a bicycle ride is far more enjoyable. It saves you some gas money, deters you from having to deal with the un-pleasantries of riding a bus, and gives you a little work out. It’s always a bit rough at the start, but becomes second nature once you’re more accustomed to it. One issue that you may face though, is where to put your bicycle once you’ve reached your destination.

Not only do you need to locate a bike rack, but you will want to make sure you have a lock to keep it in place. Of course, this means you have one more item to carry with you on your travels. Most of the time, the more effective bike locks are a tad bulky, and don’t really break down to fit easily in your bag. This is all well and good, but most people want to travel as light as possible. The Foldylock may help to take up less space, as well as provide you with the means to keep your mode of transportation safe.

This is comprised of six steel links that are reinforced with fiberglass over a plastic covering that will keep your bike safe from theft and scratches. The rivets are designed to hold up against drilling, and it won’t rust over time. It all folds up to about the size of a wrench, and will set you back around $80. It comes with a mount for your bike which will take the place of your water bottle holder, but there is another option that holds it on via straps.

Crowdfunding available at Kickstarter, found via OhGizmo

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  1. Unpleasantries with the bus? Not here. We have the largest most efficient mass transit system in America here in Philadelphia

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