USB Aroma Leaf could increase productivity levels


We get something of a sensory overload on a daily basis. Advertisements seem to be plastered everywhere you look, there is a smell hanging in the air which isn’t particularly fresh in nature, and there’s a constant harassment of noise. Going home at the end of the day is welcome relief compared to the stress that hangs at work. In your own space, everything is just the way you like it, looking, smelling, and sounding to your direct specifications.

While you can’t exactly break off your office at home and bring it with you to work, you can bring a familiar aspect in with you. This provides you a form of mental relief, and is oftentimes the reason why people bring photos or desk toys in. If you’re not one for clutter on top of your desk, then maybe something like the USB Aroma Leaf will be to your liking.

This is a fairly simple device, consisting of a plastic shell with a pad inside, onto which you put aromatic oils. Plugging this in will turn it on for two hours, in which time it will heat up and start spreading some delightful scents. You will want to be careful of the types of oil that you choose, as you never know when a coworker will decide that they don’t like your antics. This will cost you $35, and comes with a bottle of oil. You’ll be able to choose between green, pink, and white for the shell.

Available at Japan Trend Shop

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