Hyperkin USB Pixel Art will give you fa serious case of nostalgia



Hyperkin Pixel Art Controller
There are things we buy that are practical, and are a well-founded purchase. Those things play a functional role in our lives because we use them on a regular basis. Items such as a lawnmower, refrigerator, and other appliances or power tools are prime examples. These useful items are exciting when we first get them, but we tend to lose our interest in them with time.

There are also purchases that we make merely because they provide us temporary satisfaction. Forms of entertainment such as video games and movies, and aesthetic enhancements to things we already own. This can be paintings, plants, TVs, and awesome video game controllers. Hyperkin made one such product called the USB Pixel Art Controller for PC and Mac that is purely aesthetics, but fits in to our modern wants.

Its pixelated design gives a throwback to old school games, and the controller setup nods at the SNES. You won’t need any drivers to get this thing going, as it’s plug-and-play. These will cost you around $20, and come in a variety of different colors. There are green with purple, blue with grey and red, and  red with yellow and black options available. Well, at the moment they’re all out of stock, but they do look pretty snazzy, so it makes sense that they would sell like hotcakes right?

Available at Amazon found via GeekAlerts

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