Desktop 3D Printer (hopefully) makes 3D printing more affordable


desktop-3d-printerWhat do you think of the world of 3D printers? Most of us would figure out that chances are, having one of these puppies at home would definitely be expensive. After all, it is far from being the equivalent of printing using an inkjet printer or laser printer. Well, perhaps the $1,300 Desktop 3D Printer might actually change your mind when you take a look at it. This unique Desktop 3D Printer has already picked up the gong from Popular Mechanic for the Breakthrough Award category, where it is capable of delivering exact, three-dimensional reproductions of objects.

To ensure that you will not be out of ideas to start off with, there are available, more than a thousand free designs, ranging from an iPhone case to a bracelet, and also for those who have a love for archeology, the Sphinx of Hatshepsut can be downloaded from a website. The Desktop 3D Printer itself will extrude 1/125″-thin layers of warm, viscous thermoplastic which will harden in a matter of seconds, resulting in it forming a solid, three-dimensional meticulous reproduction. The kind of 3D printouts will be able to measure anywhere up to 5 1/2″ cu., and if you are on the lookout for the more intricate designs which require reinforcement during printing, the device is smart enough to incorporate plastic supports automatically.

These plastic supports can subsequently be removed whenever the print is completed. Your design files are exported to the printer over a Wi-Fi connection, or to use the included USB flash drive as well as printer’s touchscreen control panel so that you can optimize print settings. Once you feel more comfortable with the Desktop 3D Printer, you can always opt to purchase and download additional designs from the website itself, or to use three-dimensional modeling software of your own to generate them. Perhaps this is the kind of catalyst that you need to spruce up your gadget life, eh?

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Said Ahmed Aly Says: October 4, 2013 at 4:59 am

please send me more informations about desktop 3 dimension printing m/c
thank u in advance
eng said

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