Log ‘N Roll Paper Towel Holder helps you reduce your paper towel usage


longnrollThe world’s resources are not getting any more these days for sure, especially when you have more and more people on the earth than ever before. Thankfully, technology has helped mankind cut down on their wasteful ways even until today, including hybrid vehicles, a more efficient flushing system that gets rid of waste without using too much water, and of course, household items such as the $49.99 Log ‘N Roll Paper Towel Holder.

The cute looking Log ‘N Roll Paper Towel Holder is not meant to just spruce up your toilet, but it also has another objective – that is to reduce paper towel usage. After all, it sends a cute reminder as each time the paper is being used, the tree and the little squirrel will duck down into the log. I suppose that is a very visual reminder that animals run helter skelter whenever the loggers come into town. Not only that, you will know when is the time to refill the paper towels – when the squirrel remains fully hidden. To keep in step with the overall green theme, the Log ‘N Roll Paper Towel Holder sports a 100% recyclable packaging.

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