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The Enfojer will let you use your smartphone to develop darkroom photos


Art comes in many different forms. Photography being one of these methods, is a way to capture a single moment through the eyes of another person. The way in which the light, angle, and subject matter are displayed are all based on the discretion of the photographer. Upon viewing this finished work, we interpret our feelings about what we see based on our history of life experiences and personal preferences. Nowadays photography is viewed as easy, likely because anyone can pick up a digital camera or smartphone and tack on some filters.


While there’s nothing wrong with progression in this field, the process of making a good photo in the darkroom is slowly slipping into an ‘alternative method’ of developing film. It is far more complicated than hitting a button on your computer, but the random ‘happy accidents’ that happen with those types of photos are something that can’t be achieved with digital film…or can they? The Enfojer is hoping to bring some darkroom appreciation back to the masses.

This is a way to print digital photos directly from your phone in a darkroom setting. Vintage photography truly is an art form, and while this is a hybrid of old and new, it will definitely bring some admiration to the old days when printing photos was much more difficult. One of these will cost you around $450, and you’ll get the photo enlarger, trays for the developing process, and a rack. If you just want the Enfojer, it’ll cost you around $200. This is a pricey endeavor, but it is definitely a neat process (seeing as I’m currently working in a darkroom, I may be a bit bias).

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