Crazy Combat Catapults lets you rip one to your colleagues

crazy-combat-catapultsThe office environment – some folks love it, others hate it. In fact, there are always several “obstacles and challenges” that tend to get to some more than the others. One thing is for sure, it is rather difficult to find an office environment where there are no politics played out. Just in case you find someone whom it is rather difficult to get along with, you might want to irritate that person with the $9.95 Crazy Combat Catapults.

Forget about the government checking out whether you have a stash of weapons in your backyard or garage – let them know directly that you have the ability to build your own weapons as well as destroy your opponents. With the Crazy Combat Catapults, you would end up with enough bits and pieces to construct a couple of catapults that seem to hail from a steampunk era, and use them to lob some ammunition at targets. The instruction manual itself does not only let you build a catapult, but also offers some background information on catapult history. Each purchase comes with a couple of catapults, 9 targets, a phone missile and the instruction book.