Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser increases your cuteness factor


thirsty-bird-dispenserHow many of you out there actually keep a birdhouse so that you can invite some of your feathered friends over to make music for you in the mornings? There is nothing quite like the uplifting songs of birds in the early morning as dawn breaks, and apart from that, you will also find their antics in a birdbath rather funny and adorable. Well, since birds bring such joy to you, you might as well do the same to others at home or at the office, although this time around, there is nothing organic about the $36.99 Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser.

Rather, the Thirsty Bird Water Dispenser is a constant reminder for us to make sure that our bodies are well hydrated, getting the minimum 8 glasses of water each day. Not only that, it also informs you on how much water you have actually consumed, so that you will be on track to be a healthy office drone. The easy to build design would enable you to attach your personal sized water bottle to the base. It will come with a cap adapter just in case your bottle size happens to be different. All you need to do when thirst strikes is to pull the cute little green bird, and water will quickly dispense into the waiting cup.

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