Grip Coasters – now no one will have an excuse not to use one


Grip Coasters
This time of year is great for having gatherings. The weather is just asking for bonfires, cookouts, and outings as there’s no ice or snow to muck things up. One big annoyance with having people over though is the mess that they leave behind. While there are always some friends that will stay late to help you pick up, there’s not much you can do about a water ring on a coffee table. You don’t want to walk past a table and think, “Why couldn’t they have used a coaster”, right?

Whenever you have nice furniture, you want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. While using a coaster is not particularly difficult, lots of people forget and leave a permanent mark behind. If you pass out Grip Coasters from the moment guests start to arrive, no one will really have an excuse now will they? There are three tabs that will latch these onto the base of your drinking container.

These coasters will not only keep condensation off of your flat surfaces, but it will also color coordinate what drink belongs to who. They’re made of silicone, which means they can be used in hot or cold situations, and can go into the dishwasher when they’re dirty. Paying around $8 will get you a package of six of these. Thankfully they are not a one-trick pony, and will fit on stemware, glasses, bottles, cans, and more. The one concern I would have is a drink that sweats a bit too much which would fill this tiny reservoir, spilling over the sides and giving you the same problem in a different shape.

Available via ContainerStore found via bookofjoe

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