Breathometer is the smallest smartphone breathalyzer in the world


breathometerThere are a few things that one ought not to do when driving – to do so when you are texting or talking to someone on the phone, or to do so when you are drunk, way above your head as to your body’s alcohol tolerance level can handle. Of course, when you are drunk, nobody says no to you, save for the authorities when they stop you (that is the least of your troubles, imagine the possible tragedy that might occur if you hit a pedestrian or another vehicle in an inebriated state). Well, for those of you out there who have some sense of self-discipline, you might want to check out a device which will tell you whether you have had too much to drink, where you can then make a more informed decision of hitching a ride back with a friend or to take a cab. The Breathometer happens to be easy to tote around – how can it not when it is the smallest smartphone breathalyzer in the world?

The Breathometer is all set to ship to consumers later next month, where the first few batches will be shipped to those who supported the Breathometer’s Indiegogo campaign that opened up to backers earlier this year. Once those commitments have been fulfilled, any additional production units will then be shipped to new customers as well as channel partners. The Breathometer is tiny enough to be hooked up to a keychain, where it will then be plugged into a smartphone audio jack. Once that happens, watch it work in tandem with a mobile app, and it will be transformed it into a sleek, portable and accurate breathalyzer that is capable of measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

The asking price for the Breathometer? $49.99 a pop, where it will play nice with devices which run on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Too bad for BlackBerry and Windows Phone users then. For folks who want proper certification and documentation, do bear in mind that the Breathometer has already been officially registered with the FDA for that added peace of mind.

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