Serenity Wake To Light Clock wakes you up with soothing sounds

serenity-wakeThere is the usual alarm clock, and then for many of us, we use a smartphone’s alarm app to make sure that we are able to jump out of bed in order to meet a brand new day head on. Of course, those two are not the only alarm clocks available to the masses, as there are different kinds which will nudge you awake gently. Case in point, the $99.99 Serenity Wake To Light Clock. Sure, it might sound like a whole lot to pay for at first, but when you take into consideration that it will rely on a harmonious blend of light and sound therapy so that your body will naturally align itself to its circadian rhythms, letting you fall asleep naturally, get a far more sound rest, and to wake up in a refreshed and rejuvenated manner.

Some other features of the Serenity Wake To Light Clock include the all important snooze button, an integrated FM radio, a chime alarm as well as five preset soundscapes to get you started – birds, ocean, stream, ocean with music and stream with music. You can choose from 15 lamp brightness levels, and the entire shebang is a cinch to program. While at home, you can leave the Serenity Wake To Light Clock plugged into an AC outlet, but if you need to bring it with you on the road, then a trio of AAA batteries will do the trick.