Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes you work for your gift

puzzle-pod_bank-vaultWe have been told time and again that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and I suppose you, as a responsible adult, will also need to reinforce this particular fact to the younger folks in this world who thinks that the universe owes them a living. The next time you want to give someone a present, try not to throw money in an envelope, but rather, how about making he or she work for the gift to gain a sense of satisfaction? That is what the $29.95 Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault is all about.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault would come in the form of a password-locked device that holds the gift within, and once solved, it will open up so that the recipient will be able to gain access to the gift inside. The five letter code can be customized over and over again, and this makes sure that when you have outgrown this gift, it can be “recycled” for someone else – a younger relative, perhaps? A slot in the bottom allows you to use the Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault as a bank as well. It does not look as though it will be able to hold up to blows from a hammer well though.