ChargeCard Wallet-Sized USB Cable ensures your device gets juiced up anywhere, everywhere


chargecardCredit cards and charge cards – these are the different kinds of status symbols that one can tote around in order to impress his or her date, not to mention the higher up you go, the more levels of privileges would open up to you. As usual, the rich get richer, while the poor – well, they seem to be squeezed right to the very precipice of life itself. With the $24.99 ChargeCard Wallet-Sized USB Cable, it is a totally different charge card by definition, and the name itself more or less gives the game away.

This particular portable accessory is a snap to bring with you wherever you go, and it also works wonders since there are no more tangled messes to deal with when it comes to traditional cables. You will be able to select from 30-pin, MicroUSB, or Lightning (coming soon) connector, and the entire shebang was proudly designed and made in the USA. In fact, the ChargeCard Wallet-Sized USB Cable is so thin (roughly the thickness of just a couple of credit cards), you will be able to stash it in your wallet or passport holder. Want to use it? Just whip it out, and you can get charging or to perform a data transfer in a jiggy. Using a regular USB plug and one proprietary plug for your phone or device, you will always be able to have access to USB power. Seems like a traveling essential to us, don’t you think so?

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