Zombie Cribbage lets you set your own zombie apocalypse scenario


zombie-cribbageHave you ever considered the scenario of a zombie apocalypse? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to consider the £14.99 Zombie Cribbage. This is the classic parlor game that, pun not intended, just will not die, as you have your very own zombified deck of playing cards. I guess when the real undead actually come a-knockin’ on your doors, trying to get some fresh supply of brains, having something to do in order to while away your time would be useful, making the Zombie Cribbage an essential survival bunker accessory.

The Zombie Cribbage happens to deliver an undead twist to the 17th Century card game, where it will arrive with a zombified deck of playing cards, which means there is no need for a standard and boring cribbage board and pins. Instead, you will end up with an open cobbled street and a rabble of gormless staggering zombies, and thankfully, these zombies do not look as though they are as fast as the ones in World War Z.

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