FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine brings animated GIFs to the real world

flipbook-machineFrom time to time, the old becomes “new” yet again, and this is the wonder of retro – be it fashion, music, or in this case, graphics. Yes sir, who would have thought that the old school animated GIF could end up in the real world? Thanks to the folks over at Thinkgeek, this is now made possible, thanks to the $49.99 FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine which is pretty much self explanatory.

The FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine happens to be everything you require in order to come up with a flipbook machine that you can call your very own. Each purchase will come with a single pre-printed scene and a single set of blanks, so the artistic side in you is able to churn out your very own cute “animated GIFs”, although strictly in nature, they are but working with the miracle persistence of vision. You will need to have some free time to put the FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine together, which goes to show that there is nothing quite like old fashioned hard work to get things done.