Cuddle Mattress literally brings couples closer together


cuddle-mattressThere is nothing quite like cuddling up to your other half, and the entire experience is made all the more cozy when it is raining or cold outside, while the both of you are under the sheets. The actors and actresses in the movies make it seem all too easy, they go to sleep looking sharp, and wake up without a strand of hair out of place, breath that is worthy of any perfume bottle, not to mention missing those panda eyes. Of course, even better is, they have slept throughout the night holding one another without ever being apart. With the Cuddle Mattress, you might not be able to achieve all of the above where looking great physically is concerned, but you can definitely try to see whether this mattress lives up to its name as the two of you snooze through the night.

Cuddling is great, although for most of us, it works well within a short period of time, before the negatives kick in – an overall feeling of numbness, tingling, as well as the unintentional kicks. The Cuddle Mattress was specially designed to literally remove the pain of getting close to your other half. It looks like a normal mattress, although it has been divided into different sections to make the entire cuddling business extremely comfortable. Mehdi Motjabavi is the person behind the Cuddle Mattress, which he has plans and dreams to see it transformed into a viable product.

Basically, the Cuddle Mattress will be able to solve any dead-arm-in-bed issues thanks to the creation of space for the cuddling arm so that it does not end up getting squashed. As mentioned earlier, the Cuddle Mattress will feature a slew of sections, and the central section was designed to support your torso, while the top and bottom ends have been sliced apart. This allows you to slide your arm in between two of the slices when cuddling your partner so that no compression is experienced. If you are part of the Forever Alone brigade, fret not, you can also use this to sleep comfortably on your side.

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Eric Says: September 22, 2013 at 6:26 am

Am I the only one that realizes the problem with this is sheets? Custom fit sheets that go down into those cuts are going to be super expensive and if you don’t use sheets… eeewwwh!

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