Breville Variable Temperature Kettle is a tea-lover’s dream come true


Breville Variable Temperature Kettle
If you enjoy a fine cup of tea, then you likely know that different types of tea come with different instructions. While not everyone will be attuned to the specific times, temperatures, and storage practices, those who do follow it know the difference it makes. Burning green tea leaves with water that’s too hot will give you bitter tea, and steeping black tea for too long will do you no favors.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks that will make your beverage experience better. What will make things the easiest though, is having a hot pot that will get your water to the correct temperature quickly. The Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle will give you all the options you could want, but comes at a price.

This is a 1500 watt hot pot that can hold 1.8 liters of water. There are 5 pre-set brewing temperatures for different types of tea (there’s even an option for French Press!), and a 360 degree stainless steel base. This means you won’t have to wrestle the cord, which is a big deal in my book. You’ll have the option to hold the temperature for up to twenty minutes, and there are water indicators on both sides. It will cost you upwards of $130, but is far easier than pulling out a thermometer for a screaming kettle. Of course, you don’t necessarily need all of this extra functionality, but for the avid tea drinker, this is a dream come true. Just remember to dump the extra water at night to prevent mold.

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