Mosquito Net Pants – hey, no biting!


Mosquito Net Pants
Summer brings to us many splendid occasions that can only be enjoyed in warmer weather. Swimming in the lake, campfires that you don’t have to huddle around solely for warmth, and sitting out on the grass to read a book. While these situations are relaxing and fun, there is one creature on this planet that wants to try to rain on your parade. It is called a mosquito, and it literally shows up to suck the life out of the party. While it doesn’t normally do any real damage (except when…you know, it’s carrying a disease), they do leave a rather itchy reminder behind.

For those of us who like to wear shorts, these pesky little things are a problem as your legs will be their main area of attack. If you don’t want to swelter in long pants only because of these bloodthirsty bugs, then the Mosquito Net Pants might do you some good. These look pretty ridiculous, but they will keep your legs bite-free, and allow you to wear whatever form of leg holsters you desire.

These pants are made f a 1.2-mm netting that will keep all manner of bugs from prancing on your skin. It only comes in an olive color, and is made of a material that is very lightweight and breathable. One of these will cost you $30, and it comes in sizes large to XXL. This can be machine washed, comes with a carrying bag, and means you won’t have to keep track of sprays, candles, torches, or anything else that would normally be used to deter insects.

Available for purchase at Hammacher, found via greenhead

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