Laser Twilight Stars Projector brings the planetarium experience home


laserstarSo your little one loves to go stargazing, and sometimes, you wish that you were able to provide him or her with as many number of trips possible when night falls and all the stars come out to play. Well, it is a good thing that technology has advanced to a point where you can purchase a substitute, although do bear in mind that at the end of the day, it will never be able to amount to the real deal. The $169.99 Laser Twilight Stars Projector might not be astronomically accurate, but it does allow your entire room, ceiling and walls resemble that of a beautiful night sky as it projects green laser stars and blue clouds.

Works best whenever you turn the lights off (but of course!), and it is really fantastic to figure out that a device like this, where it measures approximately 10” in height, is capable of projecting a combination of green laser stars and blue clouds onto your ceiling, walls, and heck, you might even make that constantly sleeping dog of yours as a “screen” of sorts, too! The clouds as well as stars will look as though they are constantly on the move and morphing from one shape to another, depicting a universe that is “alive”, and thousands of green laser stars to bowl yourself over.

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