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I’m constantly finding things I need to have, but can’t get here in the States. For instance, the company that makes Spain’s Atkinson Cologne for men won’t ship to the U.S. The oh-so-tasty Bovril beefy paste… can’t get it here. There are a ridiculous number of useful, fun, or simply unique items and gadgets around the world that I can’t just order, and have show up on my doorstep.While I still don’t have an answer for those of us that live here in the United States, I do have something that might be useful for those of you that don’t, and want our stuff, at your house.

Check out HopShopGo.com, a new web service that allows PayPal customers to shop at their favorite American stores and have their purchases forwarded on to them, wherever they may be. It works something like this, you register for HopShopGo.com and get your U.S. shipping address and then start shopping. Have your packages delivered to your U.S. address, where they can be held for up to a month awaiting more of your deliveries. Decide when and where you want to ship your packages, and they will be  consolidated and sent on to you, with a 10% discount on your international shipping rates! You can even track them in real-time as they leave your U.S. address on their way to your door.

You don’t have to worry about who will take your credit cards, coordinating shipping, or exorbitant fees, you just shop at your favorite stores (or use one of HopShopGo’s personal shoppers) and PayPal’s buyer protection plan will even cover the cost of your purchases, including the shipping. So if you love stuff from places like Target or Amazon, Nike or Victoria’s Secret… HopShopGo has got you covered. Visit HopShopGo.com for more information, and if you happen to have any Bovril or Atkinson’s that you’re trying to unload… I’m your girl.

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