This Bubble gum Kit will provide a treat for your mind and your mouth


Bubble Gum DIY Kit
Life is all about trying new things. From the day we’re born, we start learning, experimenting, and attempting to do and experience more. Some days we become better people, and others we learn what not to do in the future. While the things we try at a young age are relatively simple (learning how to put on pants and bringing food from the plate to your mouth using a utensil), we make the tasks more and more complicated as we progress through different stages of life. Thankfully, not everything we learn has to be academic knowledge though.

We can learn about all of the various styles of dance, how to make robots that hardly do anything useful, and now we can teach ourselves how to make bubblegum. The Bubble Gum Kit will let you have your very own candy factory at home. It will definitely be a new experience, and who knows, you may end up making the latest and greatest flavor of chewing gum!

This kit comes with all of the essentials. There is a bag of powdered sugar, corn syrup, bubble gum base, flavoring, wax paper, a mixing container, as well as a stir stick. While it’s not necessary to have a microwave around, it is said that it will make the process easier. You don’t have to adhere to the recipe, and can add what you think would make for a good bubble gum. All in all you’ll be spending over $25 on this, and if nothing else can chalk it up as a new life experience.

Available for purchase at Firebox

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