Auris Skye delivers music sans them pesky wires

auris-skyeAt first glance, I thought that the Auris Skye was some sort of new Wi-Fi router or an equivalent device, but the innovative form factor delivers something else. The Auris Skye is actually a Wi-Fi music receiver for your dock which will allow you to live out a wireless lifestyle, as you stream your tunes without any cables through the “magic” of AirPlay or DLNA. This is an interesting bit of technology, where one is able to enjoy high resolution audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or iTunes among others, without being limited by cables while having the full freedom to move around.

The Auris Skye will arrive in a sleek, stylish and intuitive form factor, where it can easily slide onto the 30-pin docking station for effortless playback. Not only that, you can also opt to add Skye to your Wi-Fi network, where after following the connection instructions on the free Skye control app, you are then able to stream your very own audio samples and collection wirelessly from your iOS, Android, Windows phone devices and Mac/PC in your Wi-Fi network thanks to AirPlay (for iOS) and DLNA (for Android and Windows) support. All of that are accomplished while you remain connected to the Internet, now how does that sound? In addition, we found out that the Auris Skye relies on Apple Lossless technology so that every note remains beautifully clear.

Apart from that, AirPlay or DLNA support would also translate to you having the total freedom to roam throughout your home without having to worry about keeping your device close to the speakers. It will be different from Bluetooth receivers which limit you to a certain wireless range, and the Auris Skye also has the advantage of letting you stream music to multiple docks one at a time or do so simultaneously with iTunes on a Mac or PC. Expect the Auris Skye to arrive in arctic white, piano black and titanium shades for $89 a pop should it manage to collect enough pledges on Kickstarter to get going.

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