Brain Cube offers some puzzlers to keep your brain occupied


brain-cubeForget about tongue twisters – whenever you are getting on in age, it would be a whole lot better to make sure that your mental prowess is able to keep up with your physical prowess. It would not really benefit you if you were to sit in front of the TV and flip channels all day long, as all of the passive entertainment is not going to make that grey matter of yours get enough exercise. The $29.99 Brain Cube might seem rather odd at first, but it is a true blue brain twister.

Touted to be the “ultimate brain-bending puzzle cube”, the Brain Cube happens to be made out of Kraton, which more or less delivers a rather squishy brain feel. Not only that, the entire shebang looks even more authentic as it comes in a cool glass display jar. This is one brain challenge that is made out of a brain, where the entire goal is to match all the folds. It might sound rather easy at first, but actually, it can be rather tricky simply because it is not too easy to spot just what goes where.

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