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Arcade Button Watch
Many of us grew up playing all different types of games. Some were on consoles, others were on computers, and then there were those of us who went to an arcade to blow every quarter we could lay our hands on. Aside from the giant cabinet, the most iconic aspects of this method of killing time in the best way ever is the joystick, and those giant, mash-able buttons. It almost makes you wonder how many of those were broken over the years.

Now we’re all adults with jobs and responsibilities that require a lot of our time. Of course, just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to be boring. The Arcade Button Watch has nostalgia written all over it, and it’s functional to boot! These resemble the buttons that led us to victory and defeat alike, and come in a variety of colors.

There is a black, blue, green, grey, and red to choose from, and they all cost around $60. To see the time, all you need do is press the button (made of high gloss space-age polymers as the site proudly touts) and red LEDs will display the time. It looks as though the time display is a bit awkward, but still readable. The face of the watch is 45mm in diameter, and the strap is made of silicon. When it’s not in use, it’ll look like you’re wearing some sort of doomsday device or a panic button.

Available for purchase at Watchismo, found via geekalerts

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