Pressy keeps your smartphone on task

If you have a smartphone, then you understand how unintelligent they can be at times. While they are definitely rather useful for everyday use, they can get a little off task here and there. Asking for directions will redirect you to calling someone, and one misplaced finger will have you opening an app that will take two minutes to close. We use them for so many different functions now that it’s no wonder things can get a little confusing, but is there a way to make it simple again?

Doing one task on your phone normally takes several steps, and moving from app to app takes more time than we think it does. The Pressy is tiny, simple, and will make using a smartphone even easier than it already is. This is a tiny button that you plug into the headphone jack of your phone that will allow you to easily access the aspects of your phone you use regularly. It works in tandem with an app that will let you customize the amount and length of presses it takes to perform certain functions. The types of clicks that you put in are similar to Morse Code. It is comprised of a combination of long and short depressions.

This will let you snap photos, turn on your flashlight, record voice, check in on social media outlets, and more. The big part is that you won’t need to unlock your phone, get to the app, open it, and navigate the interface there. With Pressy, it’s press-and-go. This is currently a completely funded crowd-funding project, and one of these will cost you around $20. If you’re worried about finding it a home when you’re using your headphones, it comes with a keychain to keep it safe while you jam out, and the headphone buttons can be used in the same way Pressy is in its absence.

Available for funding at Kickstarter, found via thenextweb