Alienware Aurora gaming desktop elevates gaming rigs to the next level

alienware-auroraSome gamers like to build their gaming rigs from scratch, as they have plenty of choice and flexibility without busting their budget. Others, however, prefer an established name to get the job done for them already, and most of the time, these high powered gaming machines need very little fine tuning, so to speak, as it already comes with an insane amount of processing muscle underneath the hood. The Alienware Aurora gaming desktop can be considered to be such a device, where it has been specially engineered to deliver extreme performance thanks to the inclusion of the new Ivy Bridge-E family of Intel Core i7 4- and 6-core processors.

Not only that, throwing in next generation NVIDIA and AMD graphics up the ante even more, where it delivers an intense gaming experience with realism that even Alienware themselves have never offered. If you happen to have deep pockets, you might want to settle for the optional ALX chassis that boasts of an intelligent thermal management system with Active Venting technology so that everything will run nice and cool even under demanding gaming sessions.

As mentioned earlier, the Aurora would now include the latest Intel Core i7 processors, with an Extreme Edition option to boot, while they can achieve overclock speeds of up to 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost technology. Not only that, the latest NVIDIA GeForce 700-series graphics and AMD 8900-series graphics options are also part of the mix, while support for quad-channel DDR3 memory ensures that you can move along with the times (or as and when your budget permits).

There is also an updated Alienware Command Center software that offers intuitive, user-friendly access to Alienware-exclusive applications and controls, all located under one centralized hub. The Command Center will be accompanied by the exclusive AlienFX lighting control system, letting you create your own custom lighting themes and special effects for that added “wow” factor, making it ideal to impress your mates. The Alienware Aurora has been made available since September 11 in select territories, with a starting price point of $1,399 upward, depending on the innards that you want it to come with.

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  1. Nice-looking rig, but good luck to owners who run afoul of Dell Hell when the unit malfunctions. At least do-it-yourselfers don’t have to wait months for replacement parts…

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