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Going at any pace above a walking speed means falling will be more painful. The same goes for just about any mode of transportation. The faster you go, the more dangerous an accident is. There are plenty of vehicular accidents, but misfortune on a bicycle has a very good chance of being fatal. There’s not a cocoon of metal around you with airbags to go off if you hit something, and you’re far harder to see on the road.

There aren’t rear view mirrors all over your bike as there are with cars. While you can affix some mirrors to your handle bars or helmet, they have a penchant for being a bit shaky. While cars do need to see you, it’s necessary that you keep an eye out so you don’t merge when you shouldn’t be. The RearViz was created not for others to see you, but so you can make sure to spot potential danger before it strikes.

This is an arm band with a convex mirror that will allow you to see behind you. There are different band sizes so you can choose whether it will go on your forearm or upper arm, and there are a variety of color inserts that are purely there for aesthetics. This will cost you anywhere from $25-40, and the UV-resistant plastic used to create this should last about 5 years. It would be nice to not have to look into a shaky mirror, and have the option of removing it. This isn’t available just yet, but keep your eyes peeled on their site in the coming months if you’re interested.

Available for purchase soon at RearViz, found via damngeeky

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