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While the future that was promised to us in every science fiction movie of the 80’s seems to be a long time in coming, you have to admit that some really neat technology has come our way. Sure we don’t have holographic TV yet, or time travel, or some uber-useful teleportation device, but we do have amazing high tech gadgetry that would have wow’d  your grandmothers grandmother, don’t you think? and along with some of these electronic marvels, comes passwords… a lot of them. I really need a gadget to help me access all my gadgets…

Well here’s some old school science-fiction-turned-reality… check out Nymi a nifty little bracelet that allows you to use your cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, in order to access your smartphone, computer, or heck… just open your garage door. Imagine a world that is password free, where you can walk around and seamlessly interact with the world around you. Turn your wrist, and unlock your car, replace credit card pin numbers at your grocery store terminal or update account and player info on your favorite game, and Nymi can even be customized to send you alert notifications for texts or emails, keeping you socially connected as well.

Sure, you think all this convenience comes with some kind of exposure, it leaves you open to a myriad of problems, right? Developers say no, the Nymi functions on what they call a 3-factor security system. To make Nymi work, you must of course have your unique heartbeat (I never leave the house without mine) your Nymi bracelet, and an Authorized Authentication Device (AAD), which could be  your smartphone, or other device registered with the Nymi app.

There seems to be no end to the possibilities of this device, and of course Nymi is looking for developers with great ideas to help inspire what Nymi can become. So that’s the story, and Nymi is actually available for pre-order for only 79 bucks. I think it would be fun to be in on it. So, check out out more at nymi.com and while your there, find out what happens if your having a heart issue and need to call an ambulance… I’m just saying.

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Justin Says: September 11, 2013 at 8:53 am

Wait until someone gets drunk with this thing strapped on to them. They would be in for a surprise when they wake up. Authentication stuffs while not under control is definitely going to be fun. Well keep on making these stunning gadgets so that people can have something to laugh about and be merry.

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