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My favorite uncle is in a wheelchair full-time. It is the unfortunate result of being struck by a drunk driver while loading groceries into the trunk of his car. It is so easy to look beyond the chair when dealing with him, he is so happy, energetic and willing to try just about anything. The only time he admits to feeling a little less than independent is when it comes time to get in a car. Trips to the grocery store are never just a quick in and out for him. I wish there was something to make him be able to get out more, on his own.

Check out Kenguru, the first ever electric automobile made specifically for folks in wheelchairs. The Kenguru is designed just for people like my Uncle Carl, people who want to get around town without assistance from anyone. The Kenguru is driven directly from the wheelchair, simply drive on in via the rear-opening tailgate and lock yourself in. (a ramp lowers for you when you open the door at the press of a button) Steering is accomplished by motorcycle-style handlebar, with a joystick option coming soon.

The vehicle is small enough and designed so that you can park the Kenguru with its rear end to the pavement for easy access, and the back door will shut when the key is placed in the ignition. The Kenguru won’t start however until the chair is locked into place and the door is fully closed.

Right now the Kenguru is available in the UK and there, it is classified as a scooter (so only a scooter license is required) The Kenguru travels about 60 miles on a single charge, but it only hits speeds around 30 miles an hour. (so highway driving is not allowed) The Kenguru will be available here in the U.S, and worldwide for around 25 thousand bucks! Check for more information.

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