RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers brings the virtual chase to the real world


pacman-racer-chasersI know that with cosplay having gained immense popularity in the past few years, seeing video game and anime characters in real life poses are not all that special any more. What happens when you want to turn back the clock to an even older era – one with extremely basic graphics and just beeps and boops for audio? Re-enacting those in real life is a whole lot harder then, but it is not impossible as with the case of the $49.95 RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers.

This happens to be a three-dimensional, remote-controlled re-creation of one of the most classic chase sequences in arcade history, where it involves Pac-Man and Blinky the Ghost. You will need to players of course, where one will take command of the yellow pie chart with an ever hungry disposition, while Blinky the Ghost will be commanded by another. Sporting infrared remote controls that have a 25-foot range and control simple forward, back, left, and right maneuvers, it is ideal to chase one another, race against each other, or to just avoid one another as though you were playing a video game version of bumper cars. This Blinky is as fast as Pac-Man unlike in the game itself, and the entire shebang requires 10 AAA batteries to run, so using rechargeables come across as highly recommended.

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