CURB offers an alternative laptop stand design


curb-snipA company known as “designed by m” has one primary mission in life – to create products that are not only unique, but also affordable to keep functional and durable company, all without having to go through the painful road of sacrificing quality or style. Jon Liow, the industrial designer over at “designed by m”, is the one behind the CURB. I would say that this is a nice wordplay on the word “kerb”, where the CURB comes across as a stand which will raise laptops to an angle that will further increase airflow, while providing a more ergonomic working position. It has been quite an adventure to bring the CURB from concept to reality, but we are glad to see the company stick to their guns and making the CURB available for pre-order already.

First of all, what does the CURB offer? It might not look like much at first sight, but the wonder of it all would be the overall simplicity of the design. The CURB comes across as a lightweight triangle-shaped bar that would do its bit to ensure that laptops remain nice and cool, where it will raise the laptop placed on the CURB off the surface. Not only that, by doing so, it would further reduce the amount of ambient heat, and hence prolonging the device’s battery life. The triangle shape that the CURB comes in would pave the way for a couple of different degrees of elevation, depending on your preference. There is also a ‘V’-shaped cutout that is located in the middle of the bar, allowing you to snake the cable along, ensuring that the cable will not fall to the ground whenever the laptop is unplugged.

Those who are interested will be able to pick up the CURB in seven colors, where among them include white, dark grey, light gray, pink, blue, lime, and a limited-edition “believer” green. It is made out of food-grade silicon, being lightweight and durable, and will cost $12.99 a pop.

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