Sous-Vide SDV delivers a more accurate cooking experience


sous-vide-sdvI know that for many of us who spend time in the kitchen whipping up dishes from time to time, cooking does involve a fair bit of skill as well as intuition. The thing is, all of this intuition comes with plenty of experience, but if you are just starting out, it would be highly advisable for you to obtain the relevant number of tools to help you get going, starting off on the right foot. The $99.99 Sous-Vide SDV is definitely such a device that would eliminate any kind of guesswork, as it capable of maintaining water temperature within 1 degree F of precision, and works well with your slow cooker or rice cooker.

Not only that, I guess you can say that this is an affordable introduction to sous vide cooking. It might even propel you to star chef status in your home, as your meals start to taste even better than ever before, without you ending up serving the rest of your guests under or over-cooked meat. Perhaps that elusive (so far) perfect steak is no longer a distant dream, eh? The Sous-Vide SDV will involve a technique that immerses a vacuum packed sachet of meat into precisely temperature-controlled water, where the water would slowly bring the internal temperature of the food evenly up to a point without scorching it. With the Sous-Vide SDV, it will be placed between your slow-cooker (crock pot) or rice-cooker and the wall outlet, where the wired probe remains in the center of your water bath, and using its sophisticated computer brain, will control the cooker so that the water bath remains within 1 degree F of the desired temperature. Isn’t this neat?

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Patrick Says: September 8, 2013 at 5:01 am

I have one of these and love it – FYI it’s called the “DSV” (not SDV)

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