FABtotum Personal Fabricator will let you create to your heart’s desire


When you think of the title ‘artist’ a moody, eclectic sort of person comes to mind. Of course, there is a myriad of artist-types out there, and with the rise of technology, there are more and more digital artists. Of course, just because the art is on a computer doesn’t mean that all of it is intangible (the concepts of abstract artists are a different story however). There is 3D modeling that can lead to printed sculptures, jewelry, and more. While 3D printers are becoming more widely available, they’re still pretty expensive, and only have one function. This is great for smaller projects, but what if your imagination is itching to do more?

For those who want a place to create anything their minds can think up, there is the FABtotum Personal Fabrication Device. This will let you do additive printing, 3 and 4 axis subtractive manufacturing, 3D scanning, and more. The printing and milling volume is 210 x 240 x 240 / (your milling bit height) mm. It can work with PLA and ABS plastic, foam, balsa, plywood, thin aluminum, and brass alloys. As this setup is not completely bound to one structure, you can disassemble it to add new parts which will provide even more functionality.

This isn’t meant to be some product that can be fully described and explained in one go, as it was made for those who want to think outside of the box. In essence, it can be whatever you want it to when it comes to fabrication. You can choose the get a fully assembled version or the DIY kit, but there will of course be a difference in price. The kit will cost around $1,000, and the fully finished package will cost around $1,100. There is also an option to buy a kit that comes without the electronics or motors which will cost around $700.

Fund raising over at indiegogo, found via Technabob.

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