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I know it’s probably not a good idea to admit I love television, and I’d like to add that while I’m admitting my adoration of TV, I’m certainly not saying that everything on it is worthy of my time. Okay, so most stuff on TV is rubbish, but some of it is still darn entertaining! I watch a fair amount of educational programming, but for the most part I watch garbage, and then enjoy chatting about it with my friends and family. When is technology going to catch up with the way some of us watch our televisions? I’d say right about now.

Welcome Peel, the new smart remote that will change your TV viewing experience forever. Peel acts as a universal TV remote control, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and those boring TV grid listings. Forget your humdrum remote, Peel not only helps you decide what to watch on the tube, but if you happen across something your friends will like as well, you can send them a recommendation, and, you can carry on live conversations around the selected programs.

Available on both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices,  the addition of Peel will let  you discover and interact with your TV shows, preview content, send and receive TV recommendations, receive notifications on your favorite shows and major TV events and even interact with friends, family and fans of your favorite shows in real time, and best of all, give shows cheers or boos, vote on things like the presidential debates, and enjoy interacting with your shows like never before.

The Peel 2.0 app itself, is free and available immediately to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but to have full functionality, like being able to just tap a show to tune to it and begin watching, you’re gonna need to shell out around 120 bucks in order to buy the IR blaster from

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