Handheld Multiplication Slammer Game helps your kid with their math


I remember when I was a wee lad, and my parents wanted me to get a good grasp on my multiplication tables. The way they did it was rather unique – since my daily commute from home to school took approximately 40 minutes, I had to recite my multiplication tables all the way from 1 to 12. Needless to say, it was not too long before I managed to master my multiplication tables, but going through the process was not an easy one, especially when my brain was still in a stupor! It is during moments like those that I would have loved to own a $59.95 Handheld Multiplication Slammer Game to help me out.

The Handheld Multiplication Slammer Game happens to be a handheld game which challenges younger ones to answer multiplication questions, except that they will rely on vigorous slams of its nine answer buttons. It is perfect for one to experience self-directed practice either at home or at school, where there will be five games to help reinforce multiplication concepts including multiples, multiplication facts, factors, factor pairs, and sequencing. The factor problems will appear in a central display (for example, “_ x _ = 18”) while another button would start an elapsed time countdown to add to the tension level. All challenges will be accompanied by encouraging audio from the game’s speaker, and the entire shebang requires a trio of AA batteries to run.

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