Ematic ESB100 Bluetooth wireless speaker lets you live free of pesky wires


ematic-esb100We live in an age where Wi-Fi connectivity is taken for granted in many public places, and even when one is on their daily commute, our mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can double up as portable hotspots so that other folks too, are able to jump aboard the wireless bandwagon. Of course, going wireless involves more than just ensuring your webpage can be served up on your computer or mobile device sans cables, but it will also involve audio being transferred, too. Ematic has unveiled what they deem as their first ever Bluetooth, wireless speaker, calling it the ESB100.

The ESB100 happens to be a portable, compact speaker that is roughly the approximate size of a softball which delivers big sound, but has positioned it such that they hope to turn it into a “must have” item for consumers who are always on-the-go, thanks to its built-in microphone that delivers hands-free calling as well as support for voice actions.

The Ematic ESB100 will tip the scales at under a pound, where it will play nice with a range of devices such as Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets among others. Not only that, it boasts of over 30-feet of working wireless range as with any decent Bluetooth enabled device would come with, but you also have the additional option of making use of the line-in function, letting you listen to your favorite tunes straight from a connected device. There will be Aux In and Aux Out ports which make it suitable for multiple connecting options, and it also enables the ESB100 to double up as a wireless receiver for your home stereo system.

Since this is a portable device, the kind of battery life that comes with it would be crucial to its relative success in the market. We do know that it comes with approximately 35 hours of non-stop playtime, making it the ideal tool for long road trips, vacations, beach trips, and parties. Charging an exhausted ESB100 is a snap – you can use the microUSB cable or the included wall charger. Expect the Ematic ESB100 to retail for $49.99 a pop.

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Matt Perry Says: September 4, 2013 at 11:58 am

Does this speaker use a traditional speaker cone array or is it a vibration speaker?

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