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Sprayable Energy
Caffeine comes to us in a variety of forms. There are fizzy energy drinks, infused candies, coffee, and more, but sometimes we overdo it. Having that extra 5 hour energy is just going to leave you with 10 hours of trembling. This is especially the case if you’re trying to make up for the sleep that didn’t happen the night before. On top of making you feel terrible at times, they cost you a pretty penny! While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little extra pep in your step, what’s out there for people who don’t want to eat or drink something just to feel the effects?

Incorporating a workout into your morning routine can help, but it’s hard to make time for that so early in the day. If you don’t want to ingest energy, you can spritz it on with Sprayable Energy. This is a topical energy spray that you can put on as easily as cologne or perfume. This concoction is caffeine with a derivative of the naturally produced amino acid, tyrosine which helps it stay in liquid state so your skin can absorb it. It has no smell, color, doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue, and can be used in tandem with other cosmetic products.

One bottle will cost you $15, and will last for 2-3 weeks (160 sprays). You shouldn’t be putting on more than 24 spritzes a day, and they recommend only drinking something with a light amount of caffeine such as a soda, coffee, or tea. If this works as advertised, it would be great for waking you up before a meeting, concert, going to the gym, and more. It could definitely deter your desire for Starbucks some too, which will save you quite a chunk of change.

Further info (and funding) over on indiegogo

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