LEGO Star Wars C3PO Keylight means this protocol droid is more useful than I originally thought


lego-starwars-c3po-keylightOut of all the useless characters in Star Wars, which do you think can be dispensed away with, without impacting the storyline in general? I am quite sure that Jar Jar Binks would rank pretty high up there with the rest of them, although when it comes to droids, you can say that R2-D2 is a whole lot more useful than C3PO, despite the latter being a protocol droid who is proficient in thousands of languages across the galaxy, but he has hardly done anything on purpose that benefitted the Rebel Alliance. Ah well, here is his chance at redemption, by appearing as the $11.99 LEGO Star Wars C3PO Keylight.

This 3″ C3PO LEGO figure keychain will feature a couple of LEDs – one located at the bottom of each foot, and these LEDs will obviously provide an adequate level of light when squeezed. It is also nice to know that the LEGO Star Wars C3PO Keylight already arrives with batteries within right out of the box to get you started right away. The batteries required will be a pair of CR2025 batteries, so just make sure you have some spares lying around at home just in case they run out during the most inopportune moments.

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