Foldaway Firewood Rack makes your winter preparations easier


foldaway-firewood-rackDo you happen to have a fireplace in your home? An old school fireplace works great to keep your home and everyone in it nice, warm and cozy. The thing is, you would need some suitable place to stash away that bunch of firewood, and with the advancement in modern day technology, why not let that work to your advantage with the $249.95 Foldaway Firewood Rack? This is one firewood rack that is extremely easy to stash away, where you can fold it to just 6.5” wide for convenient storage.

This is made possible thanks to its hinged frame which will fold to 1/10th its size, allowing you to enjoy unobtrusive off-season storage in a garage or shed. The frame itself is sturdy in nature and made out of rust-proof aluminum, where it ensures that the wood within will remain 3″ above the ground so that there is no contact with any kind of ground moisture and crawling insects, a deadly double combination. The cover that comes is made out of reinforced, waterproof 600-denier nylon which will protect the wood from rain and snow, while sporting a couple of side panels that open up to provide access to wood, all the while facilitating airflow and evaporation so that there is no mold and fungus growth.

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