iblazr adds a powerful flash to your smartphone


I have a pretty nice DSLR that I use when I want to get great shots of something. However, more often than not, most pictures I take are with my phone. The reason is because I always have the phone with me, and I can usually get a decent shot in just a few seconds. However, the biggest issue that I run into is poor lighting. Sure, there’s an LED flash built into the phone, but half the time it does more harm than good. But what if there was a small, external flash that you could use with your smartphone?

The iblazr is a simple flash for any smartphone that will have a pretty decent impact on the quality of your photography. Using 4 special LEDs, and the companion app, you’re able to get just the right amount of light for your shot. The app lets you adjust the brightness, and then syncs up the flash with your camera’s shutter. If you’re shooting video, you can just set it to continuously provide light.

The nice thing about this gadget is that it has more than just a single use. If you opt to pay a little extra for the cold shoe mount, it can work as a small flash your DSLR. You’re also able to use it as a flashlight, reading light, or desk light, with the included charging cable, and the internal battery. You can pick yours up by backing the already-funded Kickstarter project, and have it sometime in December of this year. If you want just the light, it will only cost you $39, if you want the cold shoe mount, it will cost you an extra $8.