Digital Storm unveils the HydroLux desktop cooling solution

HydroLuxFor those of us out there who love to pimp out our respective desktop computers to maximize their performance, it will more often than not involve overclocking. Needless to say, overclocking is a highly technical skill, and if you like to push the proverbial envelope always, then surely you would need to figure out just how you would keep that processor cool while working beyond its intended limits. A great cooling solution would come in handy, but just which particular one should you settle for? Digital Storm thinks that they might have a solution in the form of the HydroLux desktop cooling solution.

< !-more-->The HydroLux has been described to be a complete desktop cooling solution which will combine liquid as well as airflow cooling with fully customizable control software. This will not be a cooling solution that you can get anywhere, but rather, it will be available exclusively on Digital Storm desktops, where HydroLux will be able to monitor and automatically adjust the temperature fluctuations in real-time, now how about that for taking a leap in the realm of PC cooling?

The HydroLux will boast of a proprietary Control Center software which will deliver enthusiasts complete control of the cooling system and chassis. This would also include detailed temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting as well as automated airflow optimization. A simple click of your mouse button will see the HydroLux transform chassis LED lighting into a powerful tool that will be able to monitor system temperatures. Whenever internal system and fluid temperatures rise, HydroLux will give you a visual representation of the fluctuations by fading LED lighting from a cool blue to a warm red. Enthusiasts too, will be able to get a visual indication of when they have pushed their system to new heights, as the chassis lighting will switch to red every time a maximum temperature recording is exceeded.

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