iGeek 2.0 Large Capacity Portable Charger helps juice up your thirsty devices


igeekThe modern day nomad does not ride on a camel – no sir, we call him or her a road warrior instead, and he or she would have a plethora of portable devices at his/her disposal. Chief among them would definitely be a smartphone, and I am quite sure that somewhere in the equation would be a tablet or yet another device that needs electricity to run – it could be a dedicated GPS navigation device or something else. That would mean keeping up to speed with the battery life of all your devices each evening, making sure that they are all fully juiced up to meet the rigors of yet another working day. Enter the $69.99 iGeek 2.0 Large Capacity Portable Charger, where it boasts of a 11,200mAh capacity that is extremely reliable and simple to use, just plug it in and you’re good to go!

The iGeek 2.0 Large Capacity Portable Charger would play nice with non-Apple devices as well, which means it will work with Android, Blackberry, Samsung, tablets of all sorts, even portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, among others. Should you be tired of hearing the low battery beep any more, then the iGeek is the ideal tool to carry around to provide a quick boost for your ever power hungry devices.

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